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How to Build a DIY Desk for your RV

May 3, 2021

With the pandemic, more people are working remotely from home and on the road. If you are one of those people and a seasonal RVer, you could benefit from having a dedicated workspace in your RV.

See you can build a desk in your rig with these four DIY ideas. Note that these ideas require minimal carpentry skills and tools.


The first step in this project is the design, but first identify the space in your RV where the desk will be. For example, if you have a couch and a recliner, you could remove the couch to put the desk and a second recliner in its place.  

Once your space is identified, mark out the footprint of the desk on the floor and wall with painter’s tape. Also measure the height, length and depth of the desk. Note that a typical manufactured desk’s surface measures 60 x 30.  


If you need to visualize and test out for a few days before building the desk, you can get two large cardboard boxes and put them where the desk will be. Is it working well? Does it interfere with the function of anything else? Is it difficult to move past or around?

Determine what features you would like the desk to have, such as file drawers. It is a good idea to draw the desk on paper with its features.


This is the step where you purchase the components you need to build the desk. If you wish the desk to match your RV’s cabinet, take a small drawer along with your sketch to a hardware store that sells kitchen and bathroom cabinets. If your area’s COVID guidelines don’t allow you to shop in-store, consider ordering online.  

For the surface of the desk, a cheaper alternative is to order a plastic laminate backsplash as they come in various lengths and widths.  

It may take a few weeks before you receive all of the components.  


The fun part is installing your desk! It is important to keep in mind that any RV furniture must be securely installed to withstand driving movement, sudden stops and accidents.  

Anchor each cabinet to the floor and attach the desktop to the cabinets.

Another option besides ordering all the needed components is to use and modify existing cabinets to create a desk. You can remove extra drawers to create a knee space and add a pull-out keyboard tray. It can work for a laptop too.

There is also a fold-down DIY desk to consider as an alternate option, which is great to save space.

Read more about these DIY desk ideas.

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