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Fun Camping Games for Families

June 30, 2021

Camping goes hand in hand with games. Memories during camping trips are often made when fun family camping games are involved.

Try a few of these outdoor and indoor family-friendly games this summer!

Scavenger Hunt

An oldie, but a goodie – the scavenger hunt is a good way to kick off a camping trip for the family. Do a walk through the campground or on a trail nearby to search for outdoor-related things, such as heart-shaped rocks, acorns, feathers and more. Mix easy and challenging items to match all ages in your family.

Pass the Water

This is a fun game to play as a group on a hot day. Split water between several lightweight cups and ask players to stand in a line. The first player should have a full cup of water and dumps the water over his or her head into the next player’s empty cup and so on. There may not be any water left at the end of the line! Someone will inevitably get wet (which is the point).


This game is another one that is good for groups. You will need a soft and cushiony ball. Here is how it is played.

  • One player for the center and the rest of the players form a circle and are assigned a number.
  • The player in the middle shouts out someone’s number and throws the ball straight up.
  • The player whose number was called must catch or recover the ball, then everyone else starts running away from the center. Once he or she has retrieved the ball, he or she yells S-P-U-D and everyone else freezes.
  • This player may take three steps towards any of the other players and throw the ball at him or her.
  • The player can dodge the ball but cannot move his or her feet.
  • If hit, the player takes an ‘S’ and if the thrower misses, he or she takes an ‘S’.
  • Once a player reaches ‘S-P-U-D’, he or she is out.

Fairy House

This is a fun game if you have little kids in your family. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to use their imagination. To play the Fairy House, explain to the kids that there are tiny fairies in the campground that need a home for the night. Tell them to create small shelters for the fairies, so they can rest. Kids can use whatever they find around the campground as materials, but only natural ones, such as foliage, sticks, rocks, flowers, pinecones, etc.

Once the magical houses are crafted and the kids go to sleep, place a small trinket in the house as a ‘thank you’ from the fairies for the kids to discover in the morning.

Story Building

Sit with your family and friends around the campfire and start telling a story by alternating sentences. This game is fun as it gets your creativity flowing and it can be hilarious! A theme can be chosen or simply go where your imagination takes you.

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